the new album 2021

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But when God saw what they were doing, how they turned back from their evil way,
he regretted the evil that he had announced to them and did not do it. 
                                                                                                                                                  Jona 3,10


My music is about the story of the prophet Jonah.
It is one of the short stories in the Bible.
He resisted God's instruction.

This album is the second part of my project
and begins where Jonah came ashore.
The first part of the story
appeared under the title "PRAYER FROM THE DEEP".

I experienced some parallels in my life.
So I was able to experience God's grace through Jesus Christ.

Many thanks to Marcus Hildebrandt for creating the cover images
and to Bernd Scholl for the artwork and audio mastering.


Rainer “Otarion” Klein

This album is pretty strong and above all superbly intense, poignant”

Sylvain Lupari (May 17th, 2021)  Synth&Sequences

....Es ist erstaunlich mit welcher Qualität Rainer Klein aka Otarion in regelmäßigen Abständen Alben veröffentlicht.
Da steht auch das neueste Werk „No Time Was Lost“ nicht hinten an.
Vor allem die Kombination aus elektronischen Sounds und atmosphärischen Gitarren,
gepaart mit gut ausgearbeiteten Rhythmen, eingebettet in sehr schöne Melodien/Harmonien
machen den Reiz dieses Albums aus.

Stephan Schelle, Mai 2021, musikzirkus-magazin

..... „No Time Was Lost“ ist erneut ein sehr intensives, atmosphärisch dichtes Werk geworden,
das zu faszinieren weiß. Ein stetiger Fluss an emotionaler Musik, in die man gerne eintauchen mag.

Juergen Meurer, betreutesproggen, Juni 2021