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I listened to a lot of albums over the years. From time to time You listen to that special one, that touches instantly Your heart.
The new album "Extensive" from Otarion is such an album. It is full of emotions in different ways. Its euphoric,
melancholic, dramatic and in between positivly relaxing. Any note, any song and any instrument is perfectly arranged.
and all is combined to one piece. Natural instruments dominate, in between there are maintaining hints from electronic genres
plus some sacral elements. Dark and mysterious soundscapes hold everything together.
"Extensive" is 100% instrumental. Without one word it tells an exciting story of emotions. Of life. Of craving.
The music is deliverd in a bombstic and high dynamic sound. "Extensive" is a perfect soundtrack for mind and soul.

Bernd Scholl , MellowJet

Many thanks to Bernd Scholl for his great feedback
and the release on Mellow Jet Records.
Also a thank you to Jan Bender for his atmospheric cover photos.
This music is for everyone who loves Electronic - Post Rock and Ambient.
Enjoy it all.

Rainer "Otarion" Klein

“Like Bernd Scholl (MellowJet), I heard a lot of albums in my life and I'm still listening a lot each year
and I can confirm that this Otarion album is a heck of a great one”  ...

... An excellent opus from Rainer Klein's Otarion. And this at all levels ...

Sylvain Lupari (April 25th, 2019)  Synth&Sequences

... Das Album ist vollgepackt mit Titeln mit emotionalem Tiefgang,
sodass selbst die eigentlich zu lange Spielzeit von 75 Minuten so gefüllt ist,
dass keine Langeweile aufkommt. Eine tolle Entwicklung, die der Künstler genommen hat ...

Juergen Meurer, betreutesproggen 2019

... Otarion ist ein Künstlername (dahinter verbirgt sich Rainer Klein)
der nicht nur in der Elektronikszene aufhorchen lassen sollte.
Auch Freunde des instrumentalen, atmosphärischen Artrock sollten ihm sein Ohr schenken,
denn Rainer Klein vermag es die beiden Genres perfekt miteinander zu verbinden
und intensive Stücke einzuspielen. Ein Genuss für die Sinne.

Stephan Schelle, April 2019,  musikzirkus-magazin



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